• Annual servicing of pump and water treatment equipment—includes a 15-point check list for client’s records. Most of us have experienced the “it worked fine the last time I used it” scenario. Subtle mechanical changes occur in almost everything, every time they are used. Water systems components have a definitive life span. Before inefficiency or failure occur, regular servicing, combined with my 15-point service checks will help “paint a picture” of system operation. This not only will aid in increasing the life span of your equipment, but will also show any areas of concern, helping clients to be aware of areas that will need to be addressed, and of course, budgeted for.


  • For each situation, we’ll discuss whether making a repair is a viable option. If repairs are possible, I’ll always offer that choice before replacing items.


  • New and replacement pump installations
  • Storage tank installations
  • Water treatment installations



  • Well flow testing
  • Water quality testing
  • Static water level check
  • Well depth check
  • Performance test of pump


  • Filters
  • Softeners
  • U/V Treatment
  • Reverse osmosis units