With my knowledge and experience I am able to offer service that will save you money and give you confidence in your choices. Get treated right!



  • Annual servicing of pump and water treatment equipment—includes a 15-point check list for client’s records


  • For each situation, we’ll discuss whether making a repair is a viable option.
  •  If repairs are possible, I’ll always offer that choice before replacing items.


  • New & replacement pump installations
  • Storage tank installations
  • Reverse osmosis unit installations


  • Water system inspections for insurance purposes or homeowners looking to buy or sell


  • Well flow testing
  • Water quality testing
  • Static water level check
  • Well depth check
  • Performance test of pump


  • Filters
  • Softeners
  • U/V Treatment

Why choose Paul?

Certified Experience

I am recognized by Vancouver Islands’ ground water hydrologists and Island Engineering Firms for competency in well testing. I am a member of The Ground Water Association and a certified installer.

Competitive Pricing

On average, my rate is 25–30% lower than industry standard. No hidden costs or surcharges. Below recommended list prices on most product.

Service Philosophy

I earn your trust by making sure you understand your water system. I aim to show you how to be cost effective.

30+ Years Experience

I have been servicing the water systems of south and central Vancouver Island for over 30 years.

Product Brands

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